3 Popular Focaccia Sandwiches

Focaccia bread is marvelously adapted to making fabulous focaccia sandwiches. This simple bread, can be prepared as an accompaniment to a main entrée or is equally suited to focaccia sandwich lunches the next day.

Focaccia is great with strong, simple flavors.

Three popular focaccia sandwiches are:

  • turkey and Gruyere cheese melt
  • roast beef with horseradish mayonnaise
  • tomato, basil and hummus with ajvar spread.

These three focaccia sandwiches will carry you from the most comforting basics to the intrigue of good vegetarian cooking, all using easily found ingredients.

Turkey and Gruyere Focaccia sandwich

For the turkey and Gruyere sandwich, you’ll need four ounces of sliced roast turkey breast, two slices of Gruyere cheese, a crisp leaf of romaine lettuce, a slice of tomato, and two tablespoons of mayonnaise, along with a wedge or square of focaccia. Split the focaccia and spread the bottom piece with mayonnaise. Add turkey and the Gruyere to the bottom side, with the Gruyere on top. Put both the bottom side and the top on a flame-proof plate or baking tray, and place under a broiler or in a toaster oven. Toast until the cheese begins to melt and bubble. Remove the sandwich, add tomato and lettuce, and serve.

Roast Beef Foccacia Sandwich

The roast beef sandwich is also simple: a pure, enjoyable sandwich with no frills. Again, split a sandwich-sized piece of focaccia and spread it with prepared horseradish mayonnaise. When the spread has been added, pile high with eight ounces of thin-sliced rare roast beef, and top with a lettuce leaf before serving.

Tomato, Basil And Hummus With Ajvar Spread

The final focaccia sandwich is a vegetarian delight. Spread split, toasted focaccia with hummus spread on one side and ajvar spread on the other. Ajvar is a roasted red pepper sauce found in many ordinary supermarkets these days: mild, sweet and savory, it contrasts nicely with nutty hummus. Add a thick slice of beefsteak tomato and one or two fresh basil leaves. A drizzle of olive oil can finish this wholesome preparation.

With easy recipes like these for yummy and healthy tasty focaccia sandwiches, who could resist. Go ahead; go make yourself a delectable focaccia sandwich.

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