Focaccia Restaurants To Try

Focaccia has become sufficiently popular that finding a focaccia restaurant with good focaccia sandwiches is often no more challenging than searching local establishments. Because the bread is basic, and the recipes so varied as to leave room for plenty of exploration, there’s a version to suit nearly every customer.

Finding a good focaccia restaurant in your region is a great excuse for meals out for weeks. Here are three examples of great focaccia restaurants with focaccia sandwiches as highlights on their menus.

Focaccia Café and Bakery in San Francisco

Focaccia Café and Bakery, located at 119 Sacramento Street in San Francisco, CA was a nominee for the 2010 Best Sandwich Shop in the Best of the Bay List. The menu is far more extensive than that of a simple sandwich shop, and offers breakfast foods, and many choices of bread beyond focaccia, including bagels, sourdough, and rolls.

La Focaccia in New York

La Focaccia, at 51 Bank Street in New York, NY is a popular Italian focaccia restaurant in the West Village offering a wide array of Italian cooking. Known for its atmosphere and fine cooking, guests can expect a choice between classic pasta dishes, traditional entrees, and dishes from the grill. The lunch menu includes an array of hot focaccia sandwiches, and cold sandwiches on ciabatta rolls. There is a traditional focaccia and cheese pie. Offering good value for the money, customers can expect to pay anything from $25 for a full lunch to $150 for a full dinner with extras. The range of choices is wide and the customer can control costs with careful choices.

Focaccia Sandwiches at Pizza New, Minneapolis,MN

Pizza Nea, at 306 East Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN is a pizza place offering traditional Italian antipasto, salads, red and white pizzas, and an entire set of focaccia sandwiches. It carries a 91 percent rating with Urban Spoon. Prices are in the $15 to $30 range, with lots of control possible.

These are just three samples chosen from the hundreds available across the country. Do a web search to find great focaccia restaurants near you. With focaccia becoming more and more popular there are few chains that fail to offer an acceptable focaccia sandwich.

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